Ignacio Jarquin

Solo Artist / Mentor / Music Director / Collaborative Arts / Opera

“… a very trustworthy collaborator with a profound knowledge of the human voice...”

Christoph Winkler, Choreographer, Berlin


I was born in Mexico City, studied in Vienna and became an Austrian citizen.
I subsequently lived and worked in France and the UK, currently based in Berlin.
My artistic training and professional experience revolve around music direction, the voice and performing. Newest field of interest: electronic music and AI – human interaction. Welcome!

In development:
Frida's Ashes
R&D on the human voice and AI technologies

Based on the lives and art of Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, the show explores the real-time interaction of the human voice (a vocal ensemble, solo baritone) with the AI creative technologies like the Wekinator (created by Dr Rebecca Fiebrink). Original idea and solo performance by Ignacio Jarquin, Mexico, direction by Jonathan Grieve (MAS Productions, London)