Ten Thousand Several Doors

“Astonishingly slick…Never less than engrossing… Putting those static representations of Jacobean tragedy we’ve seen in recent months to shame, Prodigal grab Webster by the balls, look their audience in the eye and breathe such life into The Duchess you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping long after the corpses have ceased to pile….kill to get a ticket.”Bella Todd, The Argus

“If you’re after something tremendous, come to this… the awe-struck audience is
physically manoeuvred along with the action in this bold reworking of The
Duchess of Malfi… This is bespoke theatre, a sharply tailored piece that fits its
surroundings as stylishly as the troop of roughnecks do their 1950s suits… It
simultaneously evokes the vigour of Jacobean drama and the irresistible essence
of old-world Brighton… A totally engrossing tragedy that combines flawless
performances with a spot of boxing and a double bass… Brilliant.”
Three Weeks

“Prodigal Theatre’s radical re-working of the Duchess of Malfi is a treat not to be
missed… replete with sinister suited sidekicks, ropey ventriloquists, throbbing
double bass beats and a glamorous, fragile Duchess beautifully portrayed by
Miranda Henderson…This is theatre as spectacle, as experience – we’re there in
the room as the Duchess cradles her lover’s head – he has to thrust his way
through the crowd to make good his escape… The space is artfully transformed
from Boxing Ring to eerie, echoing cathedral and all by way of a bit of rope and
two gauzy curtains… We rush to the windows as the shutters are folded back to
reveal the frantic Duchess fleeing across Brighton Station concourse, her small
children pitifully clinging to her skirts…The production’s use of sound is terrific –
a constant soundtrack generated by the company and a double bass, a hissing,
humming, harmonious accompaniment to the action.”
BBC Radio

“This is truly a total theatre”
Total Theatre


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