Queen of the Slaughter

« …It's great to hear live piano, as opposed to keyboard, played on stage; Ignacio Jarquin delivers a good-looking pianist playing how Chopin might have sounded on a pub piano - surprisingly moving.… »
John Park, Fringe Report 2007

« …beautiful live piano music… »
Kelly Apter, The Scotsman 2007

Prodigal are masters of space and light. This piece resembles a series of
Caravaggio paintings brought to life… the actors grouping, dispersing and
regrouping in stunning 3D pictures that stay in the mind long after the end of the
show…. live music and its integration into the play is as one would expect from
Prodigal: haunting, melodic, moving, driving the narrative with delicate
precision… evidence of an extraordinary piece of theatre in the making… visual
beauty, extraordinary physical performances, soul-enriching song, a tremendous
understanding of stage setting and the integration of inspired design with the
performance work”
Total Theatre

“Darkly atmospheric… part wartime thriller, part expressionist physical theatre…
sharp performances, mixing straightforward dialogue with sudden bursts of
physicality and some beautiful live piano music.“
The Scotsman

“It’s an intoxicating, highly lyrical piece that relies less on narrative and dialogue
than an expressive fusion of dance, poetic speech and parkour-style free
movement. Queen Of The Slaughter explores the place where idealism clashes
with humanity”


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