Educational Work

I have been a teacher and a pupil since I was studying orchestra conducting in Vienna, both at the same time. I am a firm believer in the old saying; “he who teaches learns twice over”

I owe a great debt of gratitude to those who showed me new ways to reach a free artistic expression, without naming all the teachers I had in the past, here I would like to mention a few who have marked me over the last 10 years: Carol Baggott-Forte a great master of vocal pedagogy, Miranda Henderson and Alister O’Loughlin from Prodigal Theatre, Enrique Pardo from Pan Theatre, Tage Larsen from Odin Teatret who have patiently accompanied me with generous advice helping me to open doors into sometimes quite unexpected countries. All of them share a profound sense of artistic integrity and continuous curiosity on the fields they master. This knowledge and attitude towards my work is what I try to impart to my own pupils

My teaching activities are:

Private tuition in singing and music: contact me directly at

Workshops in Acting and/or Singing for groups: theatre groups, choirs and operatic societies. For amateurs or professional companies

International voice technique workshops: The Liberated Voice


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