Workshops in Acting and Singing

To support audience development Ignacio Jarquin proposes two accompanying workshops alongside a booked date of any of his shows

1. The Voice Workshop is not only fun and entertaining but builds self-confidence and empowerment by freeing one’s own voice.

Ignacio Jarquin, graduated with honours from Vienna conservatory. He is passionate about the singing voice and has led workshops in vocal technique for Opera singers in the UK, France and Germany. Whether you are a keen amateur performer or only sing in the shower, he will show you how to tap your potential, build confidence and free your voice.

Aims: The participants will learn how to use the voice as a means of artistic expression.

  • Explore and understand its mechanical principles by exploring its range, intensity and vowel textures.
  • Understand the importance of rhythm and balance when singing and the real role of breathing
  • Apply improvisation techniques to develop a sense for melody and harmony

Duration: up to 3 hours (depending on the group size)

Target audience: Actors who need to sing, Singing students, Amateur singers and choristers. Also available for Choirs looking to develop their collective sound. No previous knowledge of vocal work required.

Technical requirements: Tuned piano or keyboard.


  1.     Collective warm up. Exploring the yin and yang of the voice
  2.     The vocal trinity and the singer’s language
  3.     Sing out your heart, sing in the voice, what’s in your head?
  4.     Rhythm & clues
  5.     Improvisation techniques: are you with me or against me?
  6.     Harmonies: architectural sound exploration

“Opera singing with a fresh pure quality”- The Scotsman

“ was interesting to explore different kinds of music and moving and singing at the same time. Overall, a great experience” Lucy aged 10

“…I was really surprised by the strength and quality of the sound I achieved…” Susan aged 45

2.- The Theatre Workshop teaches how to use the whole body as the main instrument for performance and how to create different characters and presences on stage.

The job of the actor is to bring emotion and intelligence into the own performance through simple physical actions and to share with the audience a deeper and more sincere theatrical experience through a heightened sense of imagination and creativity
Aims: The participants will learn how to effectively use their bodies to create intelligible characters that convey emotions without resorting to manipulation or clichés.

Duration: up to 3 hours (depending on the group size)

Target audience: Singers who wish to improve their play on stage, Theatre students or amateur actors. Also for theatre groups interested in exploring characterisation through physicality.

Technical requirements: normal training dress, preferably black, no shoes, jewellery or make up. A short text (app. 50 words) learned by heart.


  1.     Body and spirit alertness. Balance the space
  2.     The body in the Renaissance, the renaissance of the body
  3.     The real action: Internal and external movement
  4.     Who is there? the presence in the action
  5.     Who says what?

“…the result was excellent and it was clear that the participants gained a great deal from the experience…” Karen Howard, West Sussex Rural Touring Scheme

“Jarquin’s ease with opera, specific physicality in creating all the characters and ability to play with his audience through expression and pauses impress and deliver a piece of high quality theatre.” – Edinburgh Spotlight“


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