Orchestra Conductor

After finishing his studies at the Musikhochschule and at the Conservatory in Vienna, he made his début at the St. Pölten State Theatre in Lower Austria. He conducted several orchestral ensembles in Vienna until he went to Paris to work as a répétiteur. In Paris he became the Music Director of Polyphorum, a music association that included an orchestra and a choir. He also programmed their chamber music season and created an independent Opera Company.

He was head hunted by France’s first TV Channel TF1 to create, organise and conduct big cultural events around the world. In that capacity he conducted the Orchestre et Choeur de la Radio Néerlandaise, Polyphorum Orchestra et Choeur, Orchestre Symphonique Nationale d’Espagne, Orchestre et Chœur de l’Opéra du Caire, Syrian State Symphonic Orchestra et Choeur, Orchestre Symphonique Royale de Thaïlande, Orchestre du Festival de Baal-beck, Promenade Orchestra d’Amsterdam, Orchestre Randstedelijk Begeleidigings, Orchestra et Choeur du Conservatoire de Gênes, Orchestre et Chœur du Palau de Barcelone



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