In my work as a performer I draw from a variety of theatrical traditions including Japanese Noh Theatre, Physical Theatre, Bel Canto, Body Weather, Choreographic Theatre, Archetypal Psychology, Performance Art, Haitian Voodoo Dance, Vogue dancing and Clowning.

In my acting career I have won awards performing Elizabethan drama as a member of an English theatre company. I have toured extensively through the United Kingdom and the Republic or Ireland with my music theatre monologues including performances at prestigious venues like London’s Soho Theatre;,The Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, Clwyd Theatr, Wales; The Helix, Dublin amongst many others

I am currently working on an electronic opera monologue with vocal ensemble and AI technologies based on the lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera called Frida’s Ashes

Here a list of some of my past productions:

  • Your Reality is broken
  • The Passion of Lady Vendredi
  • Madame Butterfly Returns
  • Caruso and the Monkey House Trial
  • Caruso and the Quake
  • Queen of the Slaughter
  • Ten Thousand Several Doors

2013 Mme Butterfly – The One Man Opera
2011 Caruso and the Monkey House Trial
2011 Caruso and the Monkey House Trial
2009 Caruso and the Quake
2007 Queen of the Slaughter
2006 Ten Thousand Several Doors

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