Ten Thousand Several Doors

10k-doors-posterProdigal’s site-sensitive reworking of the Jacobean classic the “Duchess of Malfi” strips the play back to its bare bones creating a multilayered montage of music and voices. The court of Malfi is supplanted by the seedy 50’s underworld of a sharp-suited gangster clan and plays out in a thrilling promenade among the backrooms, stairways & surrounding streets of a city centre venue.

Theatre as spectacle, as experience…Not to be missed” BBC

Best Show Winner Brighton Festival

A Brighton Festival Co-Commission with Made In Brighton. Devised by the company under the direction of Jane Collins. Supported by the Arts Council of England & the Wimbledon School of Art. Sponsored by Sara Arnett of Simultane and the Trevor Sorbie Salon.

Director: Jane Collins, Designer: Peter Farley, Lighting Design: Chris Umney, Music Director: Ignacio Jarquin

The Duchess of Malfi: Miranda Henderson; The Duke Ferdinand: Gary Sefton; The Cardinal: William Sutton; Antonio: Paul Bezely; Bosola: Alister O’Loughlin; Cariola: Ignacio Jarquin; Harry: Hugh Charlton; Charlie: Alex Beales; Clive: David Irvine; Geoff: Chris Chatfiled; Slick: Vladan Abramovic



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