Voice : Coaching & Teaching

Singing lessons: my voice-technical work aims at developing, improving or restoring the natural functions of the voice. The untrained voice as well as the professional singer reveal their operational status to the trained ear. My aim is to improve vocal function at its core, rebalance its internal ecology and hear it grow free. My work goes well beyond a simple beauty treatment.

I gladly teach beginners, amateurs and professional singers; also actors, performers and dancers increasingly need to add singing to their on-stage abilities. Dancing and acting companies often seek the tailor made voice training I provide for specific artistic projects

Throughout my career I have seen many talented young singers loose their voice at the beginning of a promising professional life due to insufficient or faulty singing technique. All voices are different and present different challenges, my approach to teaching is always personalised.

Vocal Coaching: what to sing? how and when? With over 30 years of experience in the field of Opera, Music Theatre and choral music my approach to coaching is to help you find your own voice within a given score, to free your voice within the confines of the existing music and text. A free voice means free emotion, true performance is when music comes to life.


Body-Voice-Emotion: workshop in archetypal improvised singing

The Liberated Voice: voice technique and repertoire workshop

Your Reality is Broken Friday Spectacular

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Carol Baggott-Forte and Rachel Bersier for their generous teaching, artistic integrity and sense of humour. Their knowledge and attitude towards vocal work inform much of what I try to impart to my own pupils